The 100.7 WZXL Morning Show with JoJo & Scotty:

The locally-based morning show prides itself on playing tons of rock hits while awarding listeners with the most coveted concert tickets, which is why they are Nielsen-rated number one among their core demographic, men 25-54. The duo’s success is largely due to their ability to put themselves in the listener’s shoes, while extracting strange-but-true stories from local callers. But, don't take my word for it....

Oh hey... JoJo here.... I'm a Winslow, NJ native (currently living in Williamstown) and cohost of the " 100.7 WZXL Morning Show with JoJo & Scotty". I'm proud to say that I'm a devoted dad of 2 boys, excellent husband and a pretty amazing realtor as well. My wife and I both have creative visions when it comes to seeing potential in properties and executing design ideas (she even has a popular interior design blog)

On the flipside, I'm also what you might call an "active" casino gambler. Pretty convenient working in AC, right? My routine usually consists of smoking a cigar, sipping a vodka gimlet and enjoying table games - blackjack is my personal preference. The goal? to try to add to my gambling account (which is in my sock drawer) with cash instead of socks.

...and then there's Scotty....also cohost of the " 100.7 WZXL Morning Show with JoJo & Scotty". A South Jersey boy with a nasty stutter but a love for radio, (especially Phlly radio) . A stutter, you say? Yep, he conquered the stutter after 6 years of speech therapy, Overcoming obstacles is just one of his many talents. Scotty attended the University of Tennessee with dreams of track and field but majored in partying. Go VOLS! In the end, he was asked nicely to leave Knoxville and returned to South Jersey. (good choice b/c it all paid off in the end)

The creative talent started radio in 2001 with an internship and never looked back. He is married to a fashion-forward trendsetter and is settled in South Jersey with 4 kids (3 in college, so please don't fire him, he needs the coin).

Random facts: Scotty loves bad horror movies, mozzerella sticks, golf, and even finished a half marathon (April Fool's Half). So, when the mozzeralla sticks call his name too regularly, he often thinks about running again (someday). In the meantime Scotty runs around with his wife via exciting traveling adventures...Nashville anyone?  Scotty also stays active in the community by volunteering for local charities and community events.