New Jersey's Cheapest Cities To Live In

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A recent study by real estate experts has unveiled the most affordable cities to live in New Jersey. This comprehensive research placed Vineland at the top of the list, making it the cheapest city to reside in within the state.

The study, conducted by the Robert Dekanski Team, analyzed various cost-of-living factors, including income, property prices, childcare, food, and transport. Each factor was assigned an index score out of ten, which were then weighted and indexed to produce a total score out of 100. This total score determined the final ranking of the cities, with a lower score indicating a more affordable cost of living.

Vineland clinched the top spot with an impressive score of 67.94, marking it as the most affordable city in New Jersey. Hamilton closely followed in second place with a score of 64.45, and Gloucester City took the third spot with 62.97.

Other cities that made it into the top ten for affordability include Franklin (62.77), East Orange (62.32), Irvington (62.31), Camden (62.10), Bloomfield (61.86), Newark (60.56), and Plainfield (60.50).

Conversely, the study found Hoboken to be the most expensive city to live in New Jersey, though the specific index score for this city was not disclosed.

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