NJ Ranks in Top Ten States for Women in 2024

Businesswomen celebrating an achievement of a colleague

Photo: Luis Alvarez / DigitalVision / Getty Images

New Jersey has been recognized as one of the top ten best states for women, indicating its commitment to gender equality and the well-being of women, according to a recent study conducted by WalletHub,

The study assessed all 50 states and the District of Columbia across several dimensions including economic and social well-being, health and safety. New Jersey's high placement shows strong performance in these areas.

New Jersey was particularly noted for women's economic and social well-being. This category evaluated aspects like median earnings for female workers, women's unemployment rates, and the percentage of women living in poverty. The state's progressive social policies and favorable economic environment have played a significant role in reducing the gender wage gap and promoting equal opportunities in the workforce, contributing to its high ranking.

In terms of health and safety, New Jersey also scored well. This dimension took into account the quality of healthcare, life expectancy, and violent crime rates against women. The state's high-quality healthcare system and effective measures to protect women from violence were key factors in its performance in this category.

Nonetheless, the study also pointed out areas where improvement is needed. New Jersey scored lower in the political representation category, suggesting the need for more women in decision-making roles at the state level.

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