Egg Harbor Township: Detour route makes residents angry.

Speed sign post in Texas with the speed limit at 80 MPH

Photo: Eblis / iStock / Getty Images

As construction detours have gone into effect for yearlong bridge repair on Somers Point-Mays Landing Road, residents living along the quiet detour route along Beavis Mill Road are already complaining about the influx of traffic through their quiet neighborhood. The main issue of course is the posted speed limit. While the steady two-lane route of Somers Point-Mays Landing Road is 50mph, Beavis Mill Road, with its share of kids and bikes and outside activity, is 25. Residents are complaining about aggressive motorists, passing and nearly side-swiping slower moving vehicles.

The bridge work is expected to be a yearlong project. Neighbors are already complaining 5 days in and have asked for stepped up patrols. As one who experiences aggressive tailgaters almost daily (and NOT liking it), I will heed to slower speeds. My awareness is heightened. I will, however, continue to roll 75-80 on the superhighways.

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